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comments . . 09/11/2017
Jake TN

This is a semi ‘Rural Perspectives’, semi interview/spotlight on Jake Norris and most importantly, a welcome to Chronic Bone complete with video.

From my perspective, Jake is a cool cucumber of a guy, somehow keeping his chill while living in central QLDs beef capital, Rockhampton. The dude has long dark hair, works as a tattoo artist, loves a bit of a flick and is really good at riding his bike – a trait which improves more and more each time I get to ride with him. It’s about a 7-8 hour drive from Rockhampton to Brisbane and he does it regularly, as there is sweet fuck all going on in Rockhampton. It’s pretty dope to see.


Anyway, Jake has been working on this video with Riwai and James for a little while now so it’s time for it to see the light of day. James had the following to say about this shit:

“Jake is the newest addition to the Chronic Bone team. Our far north connection, he rarely is off his bike and is an all-around MAD CUNT! The welcome edit consists of two sections, the first filmed by me over a weekend when Jake came down to ride and the second filmed by Riwai Milner over a much longer period of time and from what I understand was going to be used for a DVD Ri was working on. Myself filming on DSLR and Riwai on a beauty of a VX. I decided to split it into two sections to keep the clips looking consistent. The first section is more of an Instagram clip mixed with sea sickness and the second half is more your traditional BMX edit! I think the two together work well and I’m stoked on the outcome. It’s obvious that Jake and Riwai worked hard getting those juice clips in the second half so cheers to them for going in and also handing the footage off to me! Do enjoy the video, Jake is one of those riders who is always progressing so it’s good to finally get some old clips out and start working on a new video! FEAST YOUR EYE BALLS!”

I spoke with Jake about working on the video, living in Rockhampton and life generally.


What’s going on man, how is your week going?

Well, it’s been pretty steady. Been tattooing a bit and riding both my bmx and mountain bike after work.

So you live, work and ride in Rockhampton, a fairly regional area of central QLD. What’s it like to call that place home and do you see yourself staying there over time?

Rockhampton isn’t the nicest place on earth but it’s not a bad place to call home. It’s awesome up here for fishing which is something I love to do in my spare time. There’s not much of a bmx scene up here but that doesn’t worry me too much. I’ve got 2 good mates that are always keen to ride and it’s always a good time. I don’t really see myself living up here for much longer though. Would like to make a move down south in the future.

So what’s up with this Chronic Bone edit, can you tell us about the process of filming it and how you felt it came together? Is this not your first full length video?

Well, a lot of the video is just clips I filmed over a year or 2 ago with me mate Riwai Milner when he came to town or I went somewhere with him for a weekend. Was just a bit of fun at first and then we just kinda got slack and stopped haha. Some of the other clips were filmed over a weekend when I went out riding with Jim. But yeah, it will be my first video part and it’s pretty exciting for me.


How did you manage to end up being one of the esteemed scumbags on the Chronic Bone team?

Haha well James pretty much just hit me up on instagram one day and asked me. I’d never met him beforehand but I was real excited to be apart of Chronic Bone. So I said yes and I think maybe a month after that I went down and hung out and had a ride with him.

You seem to travel down to Brisbane quite a bit, which isn’t a short drive by any means. What motivates you to get down here and what are your thoughts on the Brisbane scene?

Yeah I like coming down that way to ride. The drive doesn’t worry me too much. I like to break it up with a bit of fishing or a ride at Childers or Woodgate on the way down and back up. I like the fact that there is always someone to ride with and somewhere different to ride. Sometimes I just get a bit bored riding the same spots here everyday.

You have a setup and riding style which some would categorise as being within the modern progressive stream. What influences the way you ride and what do you think contributes to a dude/team/scene being respectable in your eyes?

I don’t really know why I ride the way I do aye. It’s a weird scene up here in Rocky. Myself and the two fellas I ride with all have really different riding styles to each other. But we all like to ride a bit of everything. I respect people who can have a good bloody time on and off the bike. People who can get along no matter what way you like to ride your bike.

Hypothetically, CB CEO Jim was being held hostage by a gang of jealous art puritans who despised the zany, wacky creative ways of little Jim. What dollar value would you place on our fearless leader?

Oh mate, I don’t have much money but I reckon ya can’t place a price on that aye.

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