Top 5 W/ Alex Liiv.

  I’m not going to bother trying to write some half assed intro for this, it’s fucking Alex Liiv. You either know who he is, or you don’t belong here. Cheers for doing this Alex, and Xave for hooking it up. Legends. I’ve got a bunch more of these to come over the next week. […]

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I have no idea how to introduce, or what to say about our good mate Caboose, he’s just a bloody good bloke with an unusual and refreshing view on the world. I feel since joining our circle of friends, he’s had a very positive influence on us all (weird? he’s only 19) and I figured […]

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I’ll be your Dad

Vocko has doubted me from day one. Jerry has been a douche to me from day zero. But Im still standing tall amongst the¬†stunted other Crispy Mum-Dads. See things take time; and Vocko is about a patient as Gary Glitter at the¬†playground. I watched the below edit via; yep pinkbike. I felt like I […]

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Black mass

2015-03-18 16.42.31 copy

Forget whatever you think about france! Raph and i have spent the last few weeks in the south, in Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon. And its been a real treat! “France is good”= confirmed. Especially here in Lyon, we met the guys at Sparkys and the rest of the locals, who mostly seem to ride flatland, […]

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