Remember That Dude: Mike Ardelean


For this weeks Remember That Dude feature, I focus on Mike Ardelean who, as you will find out, has been around forever and done everything you could hope to achieve in BMX, Props bio, Ride cover, started his own brands, ridden for a heap of awesome sponsors and travelled the world. Find out more about Mike in the below.

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Remember That Dude: Dan Price

comments . Remember That Dude . . 05/11/2014
Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 7.15.54 PM

Dan Price is from England, rode for Metal Bikes, was labelled a ‘hippy’, did ice chinks, super sick 180s and X up manuals. Only a small percentage of our audience will be familiar with Dan so hopefully the tiny portion of coverage I have uncovered and compiled below will unveil the legend that was Dan Price.

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Remember That Dude: Chris Duncan

comments . Remember That Dude . . 15/10/2014

I have been doing this segment on Crispy for a little while now, however it has been stagnant for a few weeks whilst the new site was being redone. Today I am proud to present our next feature in ‘Remember That Dude’ – Chris Duncan. This dude has had a wonderfully dramatic, celebrated, intoxicated and interesting career. I guess the point to take from this is that below me exists what all you fuckers wanting to be ‘pro’, get to look forward to. Life after BMX, with Chris Duncan!

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