‘Snakes in a Datto': Nimbin – HSD Perspective


Pretty stoked to be able to share the following photos/words with you. Jacko from HSD (Hella Snake Down) AKA the Snake Woods crew shot me over a bunch of photos and words from their recent trip to Nimbin over the new year transition period. I friggin love when people submit stuff for me to post, particularly dudes I respect, such as these guys. After all, this is what it’s all about isn’t it, sharing the good times!

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Do a Backie Carnt!

comments . Guest Post . . 09/11/2014

hahaha, why is it that every lil shit comes up to you at a park and ask’s if you can do a backie!?? Nah, no backies here son. Wow, some bloody great posts lately, the throw backs are a great read for sure, and that system video is farked eh! farked! haha! Those 2000’s were […]

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So fucking unfit

comments . Guest Post, Road Trip . . 28/09/2014

Hi all you wanna be Ty-Morrows. Welcome to the real world of Australian BMX; where legends never actually come to fruition and dreams are shattered by the prospect of owning a euro 4 cylinder vehicle. Today I am going to post a whole bunch of useless and lack-luster images that I shot whilst on trip […]

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