Boss Move

comments . . 31/01/2018

Just recently Wilton and I were chatting about Darryl Tocco making the decision to step down from being a ‘pro’ and the contributions he has made to BMX, as well as being someone to be proud to be associated with.

Next thing you know, his team mate, Tony Hamlin makes the same move. Vital tried to get him to talk about his decision here, receiving typically sarcastic responses. However, from what I can garner, he is now working a full time job as a heavy machine operator, doesn’t have the flame to send gnarly shit and is totally accepting of his decision and proud of what he was able to do up until now.

Respect. Complete and total respect.

It honestly blows my mind to see dudes like Corey Martinez, Van Homan and even Nathan Williams to a lesser extent, SENDING themselves after being in the game for so long. How? How is it possible to ride that hard and risk injury for so long. So to see someone like Tony Hamlin make the call to step back from the pro life and take a more ‘normal’ route, is refreshingly realistic and honest.

I feel as though there may be an unrealistic expectation of what a pro life really is like, clips on the reg, coffees on the reg, bitches on the reg, drugs on the reg, vlogs on the reg. No. When you get spit out the end, the paychecks dry up, the million other hungry up and coming muts start hard 5ing shit you only hard 3d and run some wack outfit that is cooler than your latest loose legged sock combo, what do you do then? Huh.

What you do is simple, you follow the lead of Tony Hamlin. Without milking the shit and going out like a piece of roadkill, you do it gracefully, on your own terms with a smooth flow to the next chapter of your life.

And while you’re contemplating how to model your life off Tony Hamlin, watch this. A dude with personality, a sense of humour, the ability to have an opinion, mad biker boy skills and a smile to boot.

Something about the name Tony.

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