Big Mase Needs Big Love

comments . . 20/12/2017

I’m sure you would have all seen it now, which is a good thing, but Mason is in critical care in an induced coma at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra hospital and is not in a good way.

The CLVLND dudes (which Mason is central to) held a jam over the weekend, when later on that night, some of the dudes decided to go for a late night swim in the adjacent pool. Mason unfortunately dove head first into the shallow end and had to be effectively kept alive by Jerry and Tim until help could arrive.

He has broken his neck, damaged his spinal chord and has a collapsed lung, currently being kept breathing via a breathing apparatus. As I hear, they hope to have him out of sedation over the weekend, hopefully earlier to which it will become evident that he has proper movement of his body. I’m told that his arms have moved, but hasn’t moved his legs yet.

His Mum and sister have come over from New Zealand to be with him and undoubtedly there will be costs involved with medical bills. There is a donation page setup here, which to my absolute wonder, has risen from a couple grand to over 10k in a matter of a couple of days. So stoked to see everyone pitching in to help out, many hands make light work.

Mason is a solid dude, gentle, caring, always carrying a smile and is super passionate about BMX. It’s during times like this that dudes have to come together to help a brother out. Give a little ca$h or send a thought or two of good vibrations, Mase will need all the help he can get.

Mason contributes plenty to building the local BMX scene, so it’s time to give back.


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