Big Mac: Crispy X Chronic Bone

comments . . 19/11/2017
Big Mac TN

Yep, back in the game.

It’s been a while since Big Mac has been spotted, he has been taking it slow on the BMX, choosing to pursue his love for motorbikes and the hinterland. But somehow, the little guy still manages to retain his effortless swag on the pushy, and hasn’t lost a thing as you can tell from the below project. Mac and I resolved to continue filming after the release of ‘Dulwich’ in 2016, and managed to get a bunch of sessions in, mainly at skate parks on the Sunshine Coast. It actually didn’t seem like we were getting very far, but having put it together, I’m pretty stoked on how it all turned out.

Big thanks to James Hornsby for the titles.

Hope you all enjoy this shit.


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