Endless Amounts of Gravity

I wish that all cats got AIDs and died and became dog food.

Jye Stuart reminded me that these dudes have new music out soon;

Speaking of Jye. You should rewatch this because it rules;

That should get you psyched for their new release which will be out whenever Jye feels it should be;

This has turned into somewhat of a Jye Stuart post. Which isn’t a bad thing. But girl;

I love this;

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high there

The cats are upset vocko.

As if posting a spot on a blog isn’t irrelevant enough as we learned from kev, here is one for you vocko..

We rode this crazy abandoned pool building and it had some treats for us.

Mellowpark in berlin is such an awesome place, huge area with a d.i.y concrete skatepark in a building, two outdoor wooden parks and a ghetto street setup, trails, pump track, indoor plaza, vert ramp, kinked coping miniramp, and a supercross bmx track. all with a really chilled vibe and of course free!

Props to the guys who made this exist!

And just taking a minute now to appreciate how deadly this is..

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Voyage to the Void

I hate cats, they tried to kill one of my mates called John.

Sunny Coast drain spot;

Chilled out here whilst Dave went surfing on Saturday, man I love nature, so much;

Seeing Justy ride Browns Plains was a real treat, lord of the stain;

Keelan is aight too I guess;

Stretton and Pollard;

Wilton photography, just 3 boyz;

I have been working on a few things for a while now, so sorry if it seems slow at the moment. I also spend a few nights a week away from home so again, my time to post is reduced. I’m sure a lack of posting will certainly not dampen your week.

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Dusty Rings of Light

New Electric Wizard, couldn’t be any more brutal. I love this;

Speaking of brutal, the comments on the Frenchie edit were exactly that;

Psyched to get this a little while ago, Uncle Bone shot;

This is sick, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Jeremy does the best gap to pole hit/smash/chink whatever you want to call it somewhere in here. Nice of them to put in some extra effort to theme it around the Motorhome Guy. The dream being lived right in front of your eyes everyone;

More dream;

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Cosmic Sky Crust

Shouts to Wilton, poor guy busted his knee, which seems to be quite the trend in BMX. Here is where you will find him, Fairfield bowl, beer, J, vibing;

Filmed a bunch with Cody on Saturday too, the dude finds some gnarly lines in the bowl;

Damo beat Wilton for most drunkest award at LUXs 4th Birthday;

Cody on lookback, Wilton on film duties;

Cody got out into the streets on Sunday and didn’t hold back. We will return for success at this spot;

Alex Veenbaas emailed me this split edit of himself and Jake Mallichan riding street in and around Wodonga. I liked this and was pleasantly surprised with how good the riding was, generally. We drove through ‘The Dong’ recently and I remember seeing the rail that one of the dudes does over to bar on, psyched to see that clip. Actually, the whole edit was pretty sweet in terms of rail killing, stoked dudes;

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