Sonic Fantasy – Interview with Dreamtime

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Brisbane has spawned a number of well known bands – Dune Rats, Regurgitator, The Grates, Violent Soho, The Boat People, The John Steel Singers, the list goes on. Most of which have received considerable airplay and media attention. Not to weaken the aforementioned bands achievements, but why Brisbane 4 piece ‘Dreamtime’ have not amassed a significant cult following is hard for me to comprehend. Their ethereal brand of expansive, powerful and meandering psychedelia is a wonderful refreshment to anyones musical catalogue and one I would highly recommend. And if you ever are lucky enough to see them live, take it! You will not be disappointed.

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Who’s Your Daddy

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My names Dre and I post videos of quality rappers without any introduction or context. Ever heard of R.A.E.D? Probably. He is the ethnic mans favourite hip hop artist, a true connoisseur of fine lyricism and all things authentic and real.

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