Grimy Ape Milk

comments . Junk, Submission . . 30/10/2014
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Hey you, want to spend some time watching some super cool BMX dudes ride their bikes on shit. If you answered yes, then you’re in luck, I have 3 of the cunts right under the read more button, embedded via coding within the interweb tangle. Sounds wack, but you don’t have to worry about that.

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Bucky & Viney

comments . Junk . . 29/10/2014
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Not having Facebook is a major plus for me, for many reasons. Mainly, I don’t have to be involved in endless self-promotion, advertising and worthless drivel. The negative, I miss out on the following images, which interestingly is basically a mixture of the above-mentioned positives.

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2020 BMX Magazine: An Open Discussion – Part 1

comments . Featured . . 28/10/2014
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After a solid 50 issues, Australia’s most prestigious BMX magazine, 2020, has had to considerably cut back in terms of regular print. Having been around longer than most of this audience can remember, 2020 has been a staple of the scene, acting as the backbone for a whole range of competitions, DVDs, roadtrips and the like, and the reason why it all happened? The drive of Matt Holmes and his crew. To Mitch Morison and myself, more needed to be said about the legacy of 2020 and how it has impacted so many peoples lives. As such, we spoke in detail (via email) about how awesome 2020 is and what is to happen now. The whole point of this is to increase the dialogue surrounding the magazine, so leave a comment, share this post and get motivated. Maybe one of you will end up doing something like Matt did, yourself!

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Top Dog

comments . Junk . . 27/10/2014

So not even a week in and I am two posts deep – more than Mike Moore in two years, Lawton ever, Samson who? and Jerry well he is a regular contributor but his posts suck.

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Clip of the Week: Mac DeMarco – Pepperoni Playboy

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Mac DeMarco is first and foremost known to me through being a musician, he received quite a bit of play on JJJ for his album ‘Salad Days’. You may remember his song ‘Freaking out the Neighbourhood’. Music aside, he seems like a sick dude and has the best fucking sense of humour. I think his personality makes me like his music way more. You will find from watching the below that he is basically taking the piss for the whole half hour.

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Enter the King

comments . Junk . . 24/10/2014
Silky knows best

And here I am. In full wog glory – not quite the skops wog but more of a mountain wog. Thanks for the intro Vocko and I am genuinely stoked to be posting on here… Its been a big couple of weeks; I scored the S&M gig as well as retaining the Fit gig for […]

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New Dad: Andre Regli

comments . Junk . . 23/10/2014
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Sand to the beach, attention to Josh Irvine, custard to a tart, weed to a bong, everything has it’s support base. Today, I am honoured to announce Andre Regli as the newest addition to the Crispy dads, further consolidating our support base of bloggers whom spend hours upon hours, days upon days of hard work and solid research into creating the content you see before you. Times are looking good for dads!

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