NORA Cup 2014: One Mans Opinion

comments . Junk . . 20/10/2014
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So NORA Cup 2014 is done and dusted with a series of winners announced. For me, they were all well deserved and probably would have been my vote (in most cases). To wrap up and share some thoughts, click read more. Who do you think should have taken the cake?

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Photo Poop: Steve Joseph

comments . Junk . . 19/10/2014
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Steve Joseph was/is an awesome photographer and a fun bloke to hang around. I wish he was out more often nowadays. Here is a collection of a few photos which he has taken from the past, all a reminder of some damn good times.

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Listen To This: Animal Collective – Brothersport

comments . Junk, Music . . 16/10/2014
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I love music. Most people in BMX love music. Most people living on earth love music. What I also love, is seeing the non-BMX side of people involved in BMX. Using all the powers of my brain, I have come up with a scintillating strategy to combine the two loves in the hope that some kind of dialogue and capacity for sharing music can be created on this humble little site. Remember the 20/7 features we used to do. Maybe that should be brought back. Anyway, I will post up my favourite music/music videos each week to potentially provide you with some musical influence, hopefully we aren’t too far apart in terms of flavour.

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Remember That Dude: Chris Duncan

comments . Remember That Dude . . 15/10/2014

I have been doing this segment on Crispy for a little while now, however it has been stagnant for a few weeks whilst the new site was being redone. Today I am proud to present our next feature in ‘Remember That Dude’ – Chris Duncan. This dude has had a wonderfully dramatic, celebrated, intoxicated and interesting career. I guess the point to take from this is that below me exists what all you fuckers wanting to be ‘pro’, get to look forward to. Life after BMX, with Chris Duncan!

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Far Away Jane

comments . Junk . . 12/10/2014

The European adventures of Jerry, Raph and Brady have been blessing our screens for a number of months now. Each installment has preceded the other, both in terms of riding, spots, vibes, filming and so on and so forth. Most impressive in my mind is their ability to remain this productive, no doubt riding everyday largely helps, however you can’t ignore the high level of riding and their ability to avoid injury. The below, most recent edit, was a standout for a number of reasons.

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Babies: Hell On Earth

comments . Junk, Submission . . 10/10/2014
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The sound of a baby crying is one of the worst noises ever, on earth, ever. It sounds as though it should be wallowing in the pits of hell with all the other stupid babies that can’t talk or walk or do anything constructive for society other than suck on a titty.

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Web Edits: With Jye Stuart & Rob Bennett

comments . Video . . 09/10/2014
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Hey all you white dogs out there. As everyone so loves to do, web edits are at the forefront of the BMX world. Predominantly, they are boring as fuck and should not have ever seen the light of day, others, like in the below case, are a work of art and should be relished for years to come. Click play on the below and then lets discuss further.

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