Holy Mountain

Bought tickets to see Sleep and man I am psyched. Next best thing to seeing Electric Wizard and it will no doubt be a heavy as fuck show. Talking to Wilton about this the other day and he reminded me of the below edit in which John used a Sleep song. So sick;

Speaking of Electric Wizard, another song leaked from their upcoming album ‘Time To Die’, listen to it here. You know shit is getting real evil right about now;

Case in point, the following lyrics from their new song ‘I Am Nothing’, man I can’t get over how good it is;

“I Am Nothing
I Mean Nothing
I See Nothing
I Feel Nothing…as I kill you

We the Old Ones did not forget
We are the Supercoven, we wait with bated breath
They think themselves as Gods ..now are they free?
Mindless slaves to their lusts and technology”

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Been a while between drinks!

It’s been a while between drinks arseholes! Been super busy as of late, hence, no posts! Fuckin heck. But here’s one though, S & M’s NZ rider Joe Simpson buzzing out on a bunch of NZ and overseas terrain! Pretty buzzy shit! hahaha! Got some funny shit to post coming up soon, but crack a cold one and watch this ditty!

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Callex Doumayo

And here we have Lara Bingles boobs. Not really sure why she is famous or even who she is, but whatever. Tits;

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Remember That Dude: Jeff Harrington

Not that I need reminding in terms of choosing the different people to discuss as part of this new ‘segment’, but I just watched Props Megatour 4 Florida (the security fiasco) which featured Jeff Harrington, the dude that this weeks post will focus on. Initially, I don’t remember growing up idolising Jeff, but I do remember seeing him in various Props and magazines and thinking how sweet all the weird shit he did was. Building on last weeks post on Tom Haugen, I think I have chosen Jeff Harrington because yes, he is sick on a bike, but mostly because of his killer attitude. Before I go any further, familiarise yourself;

Whilst his outlook towards BMX and life didn’t capture my attention as much back then as it does now, it is nonetheless an admirable quality. Taking the introverted route, I would say he managed to gain the respect of the wider BMX community through doing things his own way, without the help of a large company. I think he says it quite plainly in the above interview when asked about how he feels towards people who are sponsored who may not particularly deserve it;

“People, you know, put themselves out there, you know and try to, you know everyone knows everybody in this industry. I pretty much just keep to myself and ride. So, if I get sponsored, it should be on my riding, not anything else.”

and again;

“If we’re riding, we should be sponsored for our riding, not what we look like.

And he closes out the interview perfectly;

“If I lose the smile, I ain’t riding no more, I mean that’s the only reason I’m riding you know, it’s just fun.”

Judging from this update, from FBM in 2013, it would appear as though the dude is still riding, making bikes, filming edits and is still sticking to his values as an originally driven, passionate and driven individual.

I would also like to note that I am by no means an expert on this dudes life or impact into BMX. The above is no doubt only scratching the surface, but it makes me stoked to know that BMX was benefitted, and to an extent, helped produce, people like this. I wish there were more weird ass people like Jeff Harrington in BMX, it keeps things fresh and unpredictable. I also wish that people would take not of his wise, wise words.

The above video interview was from 1995. Fast forward to now and this is where we find ourselves;


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