NZ shit.

Wow, so here we are. Long story short cunts, I’m on a trip With Mike and the rest of the Shadow clowns, and we got to talking, and I said to him how I enjoy looking at crispy stream. Next fuckin thing this is happening! Fuckin heck. Stupider shit has happened I guess. Like Jesus. That story grinds my gears. Anyways, this trip has fun thus far, we’re on day 3 I think, we got fuckin rat arsed last night which was fuckn sweet. Some crazy BMX riding has happened on this trip already, some cunts did some tricks on some handrails which was fucked, and then some flat ledge shit happened, which was fucked as well. Who knows what was going through Angelina Jolie’s head when she agreed to marry Brad Pitt. I got to meet Thomas Stretton on this trip, he’s fucked. Of course, everyone knows he’s a fuckin demon on the front wheel, but he’s an interesting human as well. Top bloke. It’s funny when you meet someone who you’ve heard of for a longtime but never met before, it’s kind of like you know them already, but when you meet them in person, you think, this cunt is fucked! hahaha! Bloody terrific!!!!!!!!

Sex is a weird subject as well. It’s fun to talk about sex, but having sex is way bettered!

Here’s a photo I shot of Tom, fuck knows what was going through his head! We drank beers after this picture was taken. It was great. I saw Thom later that evening, and boy oh boy does he scrub up well! What a stunner! He was smelling nice.



I’m looking forward to posting some more shit stuff on this website. Who doesn’t like a bit of fart porn.

Haimona Ngata

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Blow Me Away

Ya boy;

No matter how much softer shit I enjoy, hearing a good old high pitched scream with some fast paced guitar riffs will always bring me back;

Yet another example of a retardedly good kid who I have never heard of, this one from where I grew up. Man, what the fuck is going on these days? Deadly song, but I will let that slip;

Living the dream eh;

Come down to this if you can make it!;

Mitch Morison has confirmed his attendance at Hell on Wheels on Monday, that should be enough to get you down;

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Stone to Gold

I like these guys. Kinda reminds me of Silversun Pickups in a certain way;

Thankyou to the person who made this and thankyou to dogs for existing. I hope you band together and eradicate cats;

Hell yeah Guy. This is pretty sick, I really hope he did spend 10 months working on this. It really shows the test of patience in putting that much effort into a web edit. I enjoyed the amount of grinds in this and some of the flat ledge shit was sick. This dude has come along way over the last few years and I would not be surprised if the progression continues. Keep your head screwed on right and you will go along way mate.

I lol’d at the background scooter filmers too;


I wish Adam posted more on TCU. He was the reason why it took off so crazy, because he had an opinion and he wasn’t afraid to voice it. This is awesome;

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Tired of Flame

This weekend brought about many happy times and many sad times. Unfortunately, Jerry V has left the country, joining Raph and Brady on a world wide tour of the finer things in life. Alas, Jerry won’t be without internet, so don’t think that you won’t be seeing the highest of quality posts and content from the man himself.

Goinz jus’ chillin’;

Wilton tried, but didn’t succeed, oh well bud, good try, that’s all we can ever ask for;

Afternoon park sessions are the best way ever to wind down the Saturday ride, how is it that BMX can give so much;

Oh man. The vibes didn’t stop flowing on Sunday, no sirree Bob. Here we have Dave and his wife Diane, prior to us entering the ocean, another entity that keeps on giving;

Get a load of this would you. Would you?;

Samson vision, chilling mayne;

I like dis. Dey from ADL, another reason why I like ADL;

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A Touch of The Blues

Come out and join us if you are near any of these shops. Pretty excited to meet and ride with a bunch of new dudes as well as film for the Shadow DVD. Oh and be on the road with Yags, what a treat;

Jono Hopping will be along for the ride. By the looks of this, should be wild times;

Bigs gone and done made another trailer. Song worked sick b;

My god this video is amazing, even in isolation from the wonders of the music. Take a trip;

Shaun Micallef was funny, is funny and will always be funny;

Some of the more ridiculous moments from ‘Closing Time’;

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