Metal Monday V

comments . Metal Monday . . 29/06/2015

You are in for a treat if you haven’t already indulged. I guess Manmade started off printing t-shirts out of NY state, and making classic videos. To me, they were very similar to FBM, yet have somehow avoided the DIY, legendary status in which FBM is so famous for.

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ACT Jam 2015: The Quest for Sanity

comments . Featured, Road Trip . . 25/06/2015

A bunch of us went to the ACT Jam a few weeks back now. I bought a disposable camera to document some of the times, this is such. I also filmed a shitload but I’m unsure about whether or not to make a web edit or save the footage for a segment in the next Crispy DVD. What do you reckon?

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Metal Monday IV

comments . Metal Monday . . 23/06/2015

Fuck yeah Metal Bikes was so sick, I wish there were more companies around in BMX that did shit right. Moonwalk right on in and let’s have a taste of some wah hoo BMX vibes.

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