Cosmological Psychological

Jargon. But space, space, look at it;

I have probably already raved about how much I like this album, but I’m un$ure, so to keep myself content, I have provided the following;

Man it’s so good. Whilst we are on the topic of ‘good’. 2020 have refurbished their website and it’s looking ‘trill’. Holmes is the man and puts alot of time and passion into BMX, so why not get your Australian BMX news from the most genuine point;

Jerry, Raph & Brady jealousy post #104;

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bikes and lawyers

Vocko likes when I make posts here, but not every dickhead and their lawyers do. I’ll just blame the hiatus on that.

Jimmy aka james aka boner dad aka uncle bone aka goey dad aka james aka dads dick has been on the busy program lately creating all shit good like this following mixtape for chronic bone. His editing is on point and the vibe of the video keeps you entertained the whole 8 minutes and asking for more psychedelic, naked, bmx riding, fun abusing freaks.


Mitch Morison over at 2020 put it nicely;

Stay rad. Stay sexy. Stay un-negged.

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Star Man Gazing

Uncle Bone shot some half decent photos from the weekend, here they are here. Dave is super happy, see just look at him;

THIS is so sick. From a different era in BMX when rollouts didn’t matter, fashion wasn’t a thing and seeing a full DVD part was rare as FUCK. So raw, I love it;

I also love this video, super weird yet very engaging;

Guaranteed laugh?;

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Tramps and Constellations

The motivation is sparse, few and far between. The moments of bliss are however, still apparent, making them even more satisfying.

Dave did real good on this rail;

Crews – GC connect;

Props to Beau for getting this kinker done;

Love this spot;

Fuck this rail, so gnarly;

Stoked to get a little cheeky clip on this rail;


Even more stoked that this was happening as we were riding the rail;

JP and I went searching this afternoon, pretty psyched on this find. The rail comes first, then the ledge straight after;

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Endless Amounts of Gravity

I wish that all cats got AIDs and died and became dog food.

Jye Stuart reminded me that these dudes have new music out soon;

Speaking of Jye. You should rewatch this because it rules;

That should get you psyched for their new release which will be out whenever Jye feels it should be;

This has turned into somewhat of a Jye Stuart post. Which isn’t a bad thing. But girl;

I love this;

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