Europe 2014: With Jason Petersen

comments . Road Trip, Submission . . 20/11/2014

Our good friend Jason Petersen recently spent around a month in Europe travelling the countryside and tasting the sights with a few of his pals. Luckily, they were also able to meet up with Jerry and Raph along the way. I honestly couldn’t think of anything better to do, bike in tow, time on your side and a whole continent to explore, is that not every BMX’ers dream? The following is a summary of sorts from the trip which Jason has compiled.

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A Crispy Affair: Volume 1 – Male Hair Bun

comments . Video . . 19/11/2014
Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 6.24.32 PM

Soon to be 2nd in line for the Crispy Dad throne, Dre Regli, has been talking about getting a video series going where a topic is raised, any topic at all, and subsequently discussed by Dre himself in a video. As with most things, he has made it happen and the below video is the first in this new series.

First topic of discussion, the male hair bun. In getting to the bottom of things, Dre spoke to a heap of dudes at the recent Flem Banks jam down in Melbourne.

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LUX BMX 2014 – Washed Up On Straddie

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 7.58.30 PM

So the majority of the LUX BMX team vacated Brisbane in order to remove ourselves from the madness that is G20 to find a more peaceful place. Such a place exists and it is called Stradbroke Island, located a few short kilometres to the east of our lovely coastline. Whilst this was essentially a roadtrip, the norms that coincide with this term were definitely not apparent on this trip. I should actually stop calling it a trip and refer to the last 4 days as a you beaut’ holiday. We probably rode for 3 or 4 hours the whole 4 days, but when we did, you know we tore the island’s parks a new one.

I didn’t actually get my cameras out at all so I have gone to the trouble to compile all of the Instagram photos I could find (posted by all the dudes).

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Mad Mad World


Howdy Crispy minions. Flem Banks jam happened and it was fucking awesome. Why was it so awesome? Well it was packed with dudes from all walks of life; we had Mini and a few of the other Park dudes – actually while I am talking about Mini he is a strict exemption from the Super […]

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Jealousy is Rife at CS

comments . Junk . . 13/11/2014
brisbane BMX is amaazing 581

I fucking love BMX and everything in it, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it, I reckon the fun, friends, good times, people I have met and places I have seen would easily be halved without BMX. Unrelated, here is a selection of medias what I wanted to share with you. Keep it weird and keep it fun people.

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comments . Submission . . 11/11/2014
Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 8.43.43 PM

Recently I was contacted by a gentlemen from a wonderful part of Australia; Maryborough. This blokes name is Jacko. Together, we have collaborated to bring you news of a horrific and highly contagious disease spreading its ugly head throughout the BMX scene, particularly south east Queensland and even more specifically, the wretched Gold Coast. Take heed audience of Crispy, and whatever you do, stay away from social media.

To be, or not to be offensive. Always, to be.

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Got a question – get a wog to answer…


Hi folks. Well done to Michael on his well executed post. However the failure to mention Andy Buckworth in the same sentence as Matt Holmes I found a little offensive. So while I sit here and type on my keyboard I am finding enjoyment in my fiancĂ© swearing at some posters she is attempting to […]

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2020 BMX Magazine: An Open Discussion – Part II

comments . Featured . . 10/11/2014
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Further to Part I of this post, I am proud to bring you Part II.

Just quickly, I might as well recap. Mitch Morison and myself originally had the idea to informally discuss the impact of which 2020 BMX magazine had on the Australian scene, subsequently discussing the scene post the magazine. The first part was based on an email ‘conversation’ between Mitch and myself and softened with a heap of old and new photos which have gone to print in the magazine. In this part, the topic is the same, but the words come from a bunch of Australian BMX riders. Again, I have included some photos from the wonderful pages of 2020.

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