It is safe to say this is the first crispy post to originate from Ravensburg Germany, look at us go! world domination has always been on our to do list..

Firstly i need to post this photo of vocko fatshitting.

Now that’s out of the way, i figure in true crispy fashion i will put some photos of spots i have seen in my travels and may or may not have ridden..

 $50 hilux rental..

Bush rail


And joints on the beach was a real treat!

This one is for samson..



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hahaha, Thanks for the intro Vockonator! Fark! Ah well, Gotta get dat cheddah!!!

I can only assume that the majority of us are on social media. We keep an eye on it to see what other clowns are up to and to trawl the vast amounts of hot birds, and not so hot (fuckin ugly) birds taking photos of themselves in their underwear in the bathroom mirror…right!??

Anyways, I was just taking a quick break between washing the dishes and watching home and away, and noticed that Josh Irvine wants to be me mate on Insty!

I know what you’re thinking! IRVINE! and truth be told, we’ve all got our own Irvine stories! I first met the Irv-legend when he came to NZ for an old Xair competition. he didn’t ride that well (He rode terribly) but holy fuck, he was entertaining! Everyone has their own opinion on people, and each to their own. He’s def got a few screws loose but at least he’s entertaining. He should be a wrestler or some shit like that.

Over and out for now!

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Haimona Who?

Few things first up.

The lack of posts? Dodo have decided that they will be undertaking maintenance for a month, so that is real handy for me.

Secondly, and most importantly, you may be wondering who the new guy is. Yes, that is right, I have dug deep into the trenches of BMX royalty for Crispy’s latest recruit, none other than New Zealand BMX legend, Haimona Ngata.

So to get everyone familiar, I have done a little bit of research and have been able to report to you, the following mini biography of our newest dad (the only actual Crispy dad). Let’s begin…

Haimona is first and foremost, a male model with a size 10 shoe and brown eyes;

Haimona is highly fashunable, and as a result, will fit in quite nicely at Crispy. He also used to ride for Colony;

Haimona likes fast metal and drinking beers, he also has a shit tonne of sponsors, flowing out his ass. Again, another perfect fit for Crispy dad status;

Haimona attends high class parties and knows hot girls. Also, he looks a lot like Harry Main;

Haimona believes in aliens, as told in an online magazine interview here;

Do you believe in aliens? Hell yeah I do. How can we be the only life forms in this huge amazing universe? People should look into the flower of life for more crazy information on our extra terrestrial friends!

Haimona runs his own media business whereby he films a shit tonne of extreme sports and the like all over New Zealand, pretty much a dream job. His website is available here;

Most of all, Haimona has a sense of humour and isn’t a little bitch like the majority of people in BMX.

Keep the LOLs coming mate.

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Imagine if she was ya misso! Vicious misses!! XOXOXO

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Nitro circus called, get crazy!


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