Bike Honey Push

So so good. I haven’t actually seen this before, so never knew that Borat came from here. Definite Tim and Eric vibe so it’s a win for me;

These are my favourite moments from the new Barry Swain edit. Firstly, the drift car X bmx (backie) was a highlight for me, subtle logo placement too;

Finally, I liked the perfectly executed scorpion;

All these ‘Off the Air’ compilations are amazing, of course that is needless to say when they have been produced by Adult swim. Treat yo’ self;

Fuck yeah Raph, look at this god damn spot;

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Chan Chon Chin

After exhausting all your brain cells reading the interview, maybe take a second and have another watch of this. Thanks to Frenchie for posting the interview nowhere;

Seen this on their blog too, so awesome to see Warren Bowers getting some shine. I can only assume that this has been shot whilst filming for Jay/Jamie’s upcoming DVD which will be sick. Also, I vote this rail for top 5 best rails in Australia;

New Big Lez is the go;

Another Brissy mixtape, this one has been pieced together by Damien Kluver of Christensen street fame. I was honestly so stoked on Pahau’s clips, that dude is awesome. Oh also psyched to see some Mitch Brown and Brenno Hanson goodness. Brissy #1 and backie bangers #1;

FATSHIT HEAVEN, Jerry I can’t wait to watch this with you when you are back;


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Crispy Presents: Eat Children Crew (ECC)

As I previously mentioned, and although it may not seem so, I have been working on a few significant, original pieces for a while now. This is one of them.

Rhys Gogel (1/3) of ECC, came to me a little while ago with their initial ideas/plans and suggested that in the ‘release’ of ECC, perhaps it would be suitable to use Crispy as the platform. Clearly they are delusional, well not really, but I’m stoked to be able to work with a crew doing something as awesome as this.

Having the notion to not want to be cornered into being a ‘brand’, ECC arose from 3 talented, dedicated and compatible friends (out of the wider ADL area), supported by a strong scene, coming together to create something awesome and hopefully give back to the scene. So, think of this interview and the subsequent mix (which is dope as fuck) as a kind of ‘welcome to’ for most people not part of the ADL scene. I am definitely into what these 3 dudes are doing and cannot wait to get down there to meet, party and ride with these guys.

Read on!

What is Eat Children Crew?

The basic plan for Eat Children Crew isn’t to start a brand or to make money (I guess?). Its just something that came from a crew wanting to do more. Make stuff we’re stoked on, I mean we’ve only done shirts so far but we have other stuff in the works, ordered samples, all that sorta buiness that just takes time. It’s just something Rhys Gogel, Sam Waters and I (shizee) are funding outta our own pockets (from selling drugs obviously) and hopefully something comes from it. Not even anything big but just enough so we can afford road trips and hook up dudes that are just good dudes that wanna have fun on bikes.
Another massive point of ECC is that all money isn’t going in anyones pockets and I guess thats what is going to hopefully make ECC different. All the time and effort isn’t rewarded by money but just to see it grow and fund the things we never could e.g roadtrips, but like decent roadtrips.
Hopefully eventually we can throw jams and just help the scene I guess, it sounds corny but thats all we really want. Oh and for them to also learn Rhys Goggel loves cock.

Currently, the ECC consists of Rhys Gogel, Sam Waters and Shizee, how did you three become ‘one’ and what makes you compatible?

Firstly, Sam Waters hasn’t really had much input other than complain when we asked him to pay $20 to fill the gap in ordering stickers, but saying that we kinda need him to be the third voice in our discussions so we don’t just butt heads. I guess what makes us all compatible is that we’ve always hungout, rode and filmed together since we were in school. I guess it just naturally formed into where we are at now.

Can you give me a rundown on what makes each of you tick?

Let us answer for Sam, he basically just likes heavy machinery, his princess, and is still balls deep into riding his bike. If you really want to see him excited just mention Ty Morrows Deadline section. As for us two (Shizee & Rhys) were pretty simple dumb white boys, at the moment it’s just hanging out, filming, riding and the occasional party program. We all have have our own totally different shit going on but really, and without sounding too corny, its riding and filming that keeps us all so close.

What is your favourite kind of drug, to both sell and use (responsibly of course)?

Good hash baby, we always have time for good hash.

You guys seem to have a pretty DIY, raw attitude to things, what influenced this and what are some brands in BMX and out, that you consider to be doing things right?

That is a pretty hard question to answer really. The small country town we all grew up in didn’t have a skate park till we were like 18, so if we wanted to ride something we basically had to build it. Obviously brands like Deadline and FBM get us so stoked, riders doing it for themselves. For us that’s the way to do it and push/contribute to BMX, not no OSS, TCU mentality, that shit ain’t helping BMX it’s only helping themselves.

Rhys mentioned that future products for ECC may include beanies and hoodies too, how is that going and are what are the plans for the short and long term?

As of now we have Hoods and Tees out. The beanies have been slightly delayed, but we’re not too worried because we spent some time making sure they are the quality we want. At the moment we don’t have much budget to play with so we’re just doing what we can, but long term is what we spend most of our time thinking about. It’s all a massive learning curve. Out of all the stuff we’ve worked on in our lives, this would have to be the hardest to get advice and help with and its something we need to just learn and find our own feet with.

For a brand/crew/blog or whatever you want to call it, to be successful, I feel as though you need a strong, tight scene in support. What is the scene like in Adelaide/the particular suburb you guys live?

As we are now we live an hour and a half away from each other, but that doesn’t stop us from catching up once a week though. Our scene here in Adelaide is growing everyday, just this weekend we had two new young shredders out with us. It’s super refreshing and confirms why we’re doing what we are doing. We just want to put stuff out that people will be stoked on. We have fun every time we ride/hangout and that’s the main thing, we want the scene to see it’s not all training and mouth guards.

Tell me about the mixtape?

Well this Mixtape is pretty much the footage we have gathered ranging from 2 years ago to last weekend. I don’t want to say we’ve dedicated a lot of time to gathering the clips, it’s kind of just happened naturally. We have three different VX’s between us, so at any time we’re out riding we have a camera on side. Saying that we are actually so excited to put it out and show people what we have been up too. Hopefully the vibe and riding shows what we’re about.

Why do you choose VX/SD over the HD option?

We all really like HD, but I think everyone needs to take the road of SD first and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 5 years so why change it. Eventually the time will come, but for now we just want to enjoy the SD vibe that HD just can’t put out.

Psyched to see the mixtape. When can we expect that, who is editing it and what are the musical influences?

It’s just footage we have and isn’t getting used anywhere else I guess. Like our ‘banger’ is what Liam did first try and first trick of the day! We’ve kinda just been waiting for everything to be up and running before putting it on the net though. We’ve had/got problems with the blog on not working and vimeo wouldn’t let us upload for ages. For some reason everything is just not going as smooth as it should be and hell, it’s annoying!

Shizees editing it and with musical influences I dunno, I think most riders find there songs the same, we just randomly hear it and then think ‘dayummmm, this is going in an edit’. Just a couple feel good songs to make you wanna ride!

Give us a good Doug nightlife story?

Nightlife Doug is amazing. If you’re white and chubby you look like you could be his princess, you’re going to get yelled at.

Do you hope to steal all of the market James Wade currently has on lock?

We would be happy with 1% of the JWade salary, that way we could by a island in the Bahamas and have all our friends come party.


It’s kinda hard to write a thank you when we haven’t really even left the starters blocks yet, but thanks to all our crew who we ride, film and talk shit with. Big thanks to Matt at Lbb for letting us put our clothes in his shop even though we are basic. Thanks to anyone in the last 6 mths who has been supportive of what we are trying to achieve and a massive thank you to anyone who’s brought some clothes from us. Basically big ups to anyone who supports what we are trying to achieve, and thanks so much to you Vocko (Crispy) for doing this interview. This is gunna be a one time thing for us, we don’t wanna become another social media whorebrand.

AMEN! If you want to support some good dudes doing something integral to the Australian BMX scene, bookmark the blog here and check out the webstore here. Lastly, and most importantly, view the mixtape as mentioned above below, and let me tell you, it’s fucking so sick;

Also just quickly, here is a photo of everyones favourite black white person Liam Zingbergs and his good pal Sam Waters circa 2010;

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Just Another Mile

Noticed over on FP that Kyle Jacobson (Brissy resident) has a photo feature, dude sure can shoot a mean photo, see below;

I followed the link to his blog and this is what I found, I like it;

Have a listen to this. This shit blows me away, listen after listen and I’m not just talking about this particular song. Pick any song from either ‘About Face’ the 2014 recent release or ‘Man of Leisure’, the 2011 release and you will be swept away into an ethereal landscape of vivid imagery, simple yet confident vocals and memorable guitars. I love it so much;

I think this review says what I want to say, but better than me, perfectly put;

“No one understands you like Tom Iansek. Big Scary’s frontman has once again tapped into a part of you that you either didn’t know was there, or had forgotten existed, through his latest release as solo artist #1 Dads.It’s the part of you that wistfully stares out train windows without needing to check your phone, the part of you that wrote bad poems in high school. With a murmur and a simple piano line, #1 Dads transports you to a time and place that is both immediately warm and familiar and completely otherworldly.”

Extending my musical boundary, as a result of the above, led me to this, also amazing but a little bit more ‘bitchier’;

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Until Tomorrow Fades

Thanks to Haimona for this shot of The Wazman, I want to meet you man. Looks like a bloody legend if ever I saw one;

Speaking of legends, you should watch this video of ‘The Lord’ Dave Voelker. So sick cranking around the park hucking backies and being sketchy. Fuck new park riding, robotic and boring, but in saying that, I have alot of respect for those dudes, they are fucking crazy. I wish more park riding/x games was like this, I would be interested then;

Flashback to when ‘The Lord’ had the cover of Ride US issue 50, so awesome;

‘Haha yolo’ – Lol;

That is all for now.

Oh wait, donut;

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