Blue Jean Baby

Ask and you shall receive I guess. After whinging about the continual bombardment of cookie cutter, trendy whore,¬†4 peg coaster blowing,¬†cenergy drink sippin’, fashion conscious, crank sliding little bitches, a messiah has been sent to save us.

But who, this guy. Ironically, Frenchie had the honour of posting it;

One word to describe it – haggard.

I liked lots of things:

- The fact that you can hear his bike, which assumes metal parts;

- The grimy ass music;

- The fact that he self filmed a bunch of gnarly rails;

- The x-up manual combinations, particularly the backwards x peg manual, that was badass;

- His name is Roc, how hesh is that;

- Being haggard in general, slipping feet, wearing camo pants without knowing that they are fucking fashionable which I assume he would care zero about;

- The weird ass intro and breaking shit for the outro.

I could go on but I won’t.

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One Horse Town

Aint this some shit. Turn the lights off, lock yourself in, set aside an hour and absorb as much as you can. I can safely say that the whole album, ‘Destroy the Void’ is equally as impressive. The lyrics are so awesome;

“For the truth in truth is a terrible gest”

Tom Petty would be super psyched with these dudes. Speaking of Tom Petty, how awesome was it when Props used ‘Learning to Fly’ in Road Fools 4. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on the web related to that part. Although it did remind me of Cory Nastazio, whom I really liked. Then I found this glorious little piece of BMX history;

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Sautee Delish

Urmureecaaaaaaaaaa. Props for being a wildman and doing some pretty wild shit, I liked the song too. Then undo that props for being so humble and unassuming. Maybe it’s different in Australia, or everywhere else in the world for that matter, but it seems as though ego-centricism is celebrated in America. They do love a showmen;

Post banger celebration should be as your fore fathers practiced, with a flute. Dignified, subtle and genuine;

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Light Boogie Overload

Are you fucking kidding me? I would kill to ride a pole jam, maybe not kill someone, but I would drive really far. After the Rocklea and the Caboolture pole jams were removed/replaced, I don’t think there is one left in the whole of SEQ. These dudes ride around, I’m assuming a few suburbs, and find one behind every corner store. How is that possible. Man, America and their spots, they don’t know how good they have it.

Someone please drive into these;

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Out with the Old Dog

Hey, look who is coming to town, the FIT team, although the flyer has mistakenly left out any mention of Andre Regli (the main point of attraction);

Pretty excited for these dudes to be in town, make sure you come out for either one, or both of the jams. Expect to meet this guy, Jack Elkins. This is still my favourite image on Crispy almost of all time;

There is an awesome interview with Cooper about the newly released Division DVD over on 2020. Have a read, I might do a review sometime soon, when I can manage to type long enough without my busted ass shoulder hurting. There are also pretty cool images, like this one of the little guy Anton, going big;

I love this kinda shit, man you can get taken away. Isn’t it awesome how the human mind can create shit like this;

Good humour, good guys;

Although, no one will ever win against these guys;

I’m busted.

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