Super Baby Tramp

This is so fucking sick. Marv is an absolute legend and I can only assume a killer dude to hang around with. This is everything you would expect from a Marv section, no bullshit, quintessential english spots combined with a classic english style (which I would almost describe as ‘stiff’, yet remaining as chic) as well as an exemplary track to boot. Somehow he makes simple grinds and basic hops entertaining and memorable, but also drops a few gnarly clips in as well. I like and I’m sure our friends at Spilt Milk would approve, am I right?;

Watching the above also reminded me of this video, which is truly brilliant. This was one of the greatest web videos of 2011 and something that I always revert to when bored and thinking of edits to watch. This was also at a time when getting an exclusive on TCU was prestigious, not so much nowadays;

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Holy Mountain

Bought tickets to see Sleep and man I am psyched. Next best thing to seeing Electric Wizard and it will no doubt be a heavy as fuck show. Talking to Wilton about this the other day and he reminded me of the below edit in which John used a Sleep song. So sick;

Speaking of Electric Wizard, another song leaked from their upcoming album ‘Time To Die’, listen to it here. You know shit is getting real evil right about now;

Case in point, the following lyrics from their new song ‘I Am Nothing’, man I can’t get over how good it is;

“I Am Nothing
I Mean Nothing
I See Nothing
I Feel Nothing…as I kill you

We the Old Ones did not forget
We are the Supercoven, we wait with bated breath
They think themselves as Gods are they free?
Mindless slaves to their lusts and technology”

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Been a while between drinks!

It’s been a while between drinks arseholes! Been super busy as of late, hence, no posts! Fuckin heck. But here’s one though, S & M’s NZ rider Joe Simpson buzzing out on a bunch of NZ and overseas terrain! Pretty buzzy shit! hahaha! Got some funny shit to post coming up soon, but crack a cold one and watch this ditty!

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Callex Doumayo

And here we have Lara Bingles boobs. Not really sure why she is famous or even who she is, but whatever. Tits;

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